I am Coach Shonda 

Shonda McCray is an Author, Certified Relationship, and Motivational Coach. She is also the Co-founder of Talk Konnect Ignite Inc.

She is a skilled speaker who connects on a deep level with women who have experienced trauma and abandonment. Having been raised in a religious home, she understands and effectively communicates to women who have experienced the pressure of hiding or repressing their trauma, and she is able to help them find freedom. She attributes the success of her own marriage to the healing of her childhood trauma after having learned that she hid behind her career, even as her unresolved trauma was spilling over into all areas of her life, including her relationships.

Through experiencing true healing on every level, Shonda not only found the key to releasing blame and anger, but she also found her peace. She then took the next step and began to share her freedom story with others. Often, when we begin to share our story of freedom, it opens the door for others to hope for freedom as well. Shonda is a survivor and truly believes that God is turning what was meant for evil into good by allowing her to share her story with other women. She truly believes that her healing has allowed her to fully enjoy and thrive in her roles as wife, mother, mentor, speaker, and coach.

Shonda D. McCray