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Isaac and Rebekah

Isaac and Rebekah: How God Makes a Match

So many of us have dreamed of a “match made in Heaven”, but that dream is becoming an antiquated notion of biblical thinking. It’s becoming more and more common for people to choose a partner, a life-long roommate, or a cohabitant with benefits as society continues to glorify unmarried lifestyles. Perhaps it’s the temptation of promiscuity and an easy out that makes this way so tempting, or perhaps it is the lack of trust and fear of legal commitment. Nevertheless, God has made himself clear in regards to marriage and how a Christian ought to desire to live. Let’s delve into the story of Isaac and Rebekah and see just how faithfulness and obedience in the Lord can lead to a romance that would stand the test of time.


Abraham needed to remain faithful God who premised to make his son, Isaac, ruler of Canaan. However, he also wanted to ensure that the wife of his son would come from his own homeland. He sent his servant to seek the perfect bride for Isaac. Though the servant worried at first that no one would want to return with him, he prayed to God and requested a very specific sign.

The servant’s prayers are answered before he could even finish praying! He looked up to see a young, beautiful woman of Abraham’s family walking to the spring. Testing his prayer, the servant went down and asked the woman for water. She went above his request and watered his camels as well. This was exactly the sign the servant had requested.


God isn’t saying here that we should all test out our future spouses by requesting odd signs or by sending representatives to other towns. He is painting a picture of what faith, trust, and hope look like, and how He will come to reward these things. Rebekah, being obedient to the call of the Lord, went with the servant to her new husband with no hesitation. She was ready to go where God was sending her, even if it meant to live in a new land for the rest of her days.

The Reward

When the servant and Rebekah entered the land, Isaac had gone out in the fields to meditate. Just as the camels grew closer, Isaac looked up to see his future bride. Genesis 24 ends with Isaac and Rebekah marrying in Sarah’s tent. The two loved each other, and Rebekah comforted her new husband.

The prize of true love, romance, and a life-long spouse is a true gift from God that we cannot expect if we continue on in disobedience and selfishness. The reality is that each person who played an important role in this story was prayerful, trusting, and obedient to the will of the Lord. Isaac and Rebekah also teach us that love can show up in creative and unexpected ways as long as we are steadfast in the Lord. Isn’t that how God always works? As we continue on in pursuit of a solid and long-lasting relationship, let’s put God at the forefront of our desires. He has already paved the way and written the rules—it’s up to us to follow His guidelines.

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