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Transferring Spirits - Social Media

Someone asked me why I don't interact on social media much. I generally post here and there to remind my associations and family that I am around. Fortunately, our business has been blessed by word of mouth, so our interactions online are limited. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and IG are the devil's playground in my opinion, and many people fall for the Okie Doke. They are more consumed by being seen than they are staying spiritually focused. What do you mean?

As you know, we live in a social media world that allows people to showcase their businesses, personal lives, and just about anything they feel inspired to share. Many people participate in fun challenges? Some often share photos of loved ones or fun travel adventures. You will also find people who expressed their feelings on social media? Unfortunately, many use social media as a trash can, they dump unnecessary baggage. Sadly some of them are our friends and family members.

With social media, you can make a post about anything to gain some type of attention. The world is your oyster they say. All you need is an internet connection, a compatible device, and some type of mojo! We can be so consumed by social media that we do not pull away long enough to see the real world. “Real” is reflected on screens, and some drive themselves crazy trying to replicate the life they see on someone else’s feed.

We try to meet our innate need for connection and belonging by creating relationships with other users online. We post, repost, comment, and like content without giving much thought to the consequences, as long as it resonates with us, but did you know that what you post and repost can be the same as transferring spirits? What do you mean, Coach Shonda?

If I post something negative and you repost it or someone else to reads it, they may come into agreement with that negative post. When we share harmful content, we consent to the spirit that inspired the post in the first place. If the source of the content is malicious, then you’ve come into agreement with a malicious spirit. You’ve agreed with the spirit of the message and passed it along, even if that was not the plan.

We are more exposed to harmful messages and spirits than ever before. By reposting content, we form a part of someone’s marketing team. We can choose to market heaven-approved content or approach social media with our spiritual eyes closed. The latter is a risky position to take. We are told to “guard our hearts” because “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

As believers, we must understand our role in the online social networking space. Our online behavior should positively reflect Christ and align with our godly identity and not just promote what is popular. We become what we repeatedly consume, and if we are repeatedly exposed to evil, then it negatively affects our spirit. We should develop the habit of carefully curating our online space, removing any accounts or products harmful to our mental, emotional, or spiritual health. It saddens me when I see spiritual leaders post something and people jump on the bandwagon and repost. STOP!!!! slow down and think before you click, like, and share. Remember spiritual leaders aren't perfect and it's okay to NOT be in agreement with everything that they do. Use your discernment in all things.

We can and should interact with each other both online and offline. Our aim as Christians is to reach the world for Christ. This requires communication and social interaction but does not imply mindless consumption. Anything that takes us away from God or competes with God for our attention is an idol. The hours that we spend online could be spent in the Word or with our families. I personally rather spend time with God and or snuggle up with my handsome Boaz.

Instead of having a “fear of missing out” on earthly things, we should cultivate a strong desire to experience the things of God. Instead of being trapped by the spirit of comparison, let us celebrate with each other as we walk in our own unique purpose. Commit today to be more mindful of how you use social media, the things your share or agree with, and the spirits you transfer. By no means am I passing judgment on how you chose to use social media! However, I am educating you on the importance of what you come in agreement with. Spirits are real and they come in many forms and will try to attach themselves to you in any way necessary. Be wise.

I hope that you've enjoyed this week's journal entry. My goal is to send love and encouragement to you and your household. Wherever you are in your journey, know that you are not alone. God is with you...

Thank you for reading.

© I am Coach Shonda

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